Annual Report 2016

Church World Service

2016 has been a difficult year, not only for our world but also internally as an organization. It has forced us to try new approaches and respond quickly to the changing climate.

2016 is also the year of the 70th anniversary of CWS and a year we celebrate six decades of partnership in Vietnam, along with the countless partnerships we have developed in communities across the globe through our seven decades of service.

And in response to upheaval, chaos, prejudice, widespread displacement and hatred, our Members, our partners, our donors and our staff have responded as they have always:

They have responded by fighting for justice and equality.

The CWS response is considered, effective, professional, faithful and loving.

The CWS response is: In Cairo, a psychosocial program for refugees and asylum seekers on issues of mental health, medical needs, financial assistance and housing.

In Serbia, blankets, baby carriers, winter clothing and food for those families on the move into Europe.

In Myanmar, facing down the effects of waterborne diseases after flooding.

In the U.S., affiliates welcoming refugees from 35 different countries: the majority from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Afghanistan, Burma, Iraq, Somalia, Bhutan, Iran and Ukraine.

The CWS response is addressing changing weather conditions and malnutrition; accountability in humanitarian response; water provision; environmental stewardship; and community planning and resource management. We are responding by celebrating and building a future for the world’s children: children with incarcerated parents; children whom we find in domestic servitude or caught in the net of trafficking; children who don’t have a home, or a meal or peace of mind.

This year we look at our world’s children, as we acknowledge that while we work toward our 75th Anniversary, these next five years are critical, too, in their lives.

Your partnership and generosity and sharing in so many ways is what reminds us that the gift of service is the substance of faith, and the assurance that the future will indeed be filled with even greater possibilities.

In Friendship,

Rev. John L. McCullough
President and CEO