Refugees attending a cultural orientation class in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo: Carol Fouke-Mpoyo

RSC Africa’s Cultural Orientation Program facilitates Cultural Orientation for USRAP-approved refugees, helping them develop realistic expectations of life in the U.S. Instructors employ a variety of forms of instruction, including the use of videos, group activities and models to provide a hands-on learning opportunity and to accommodate for the diversity of literacy levels and learning styles of participants.

CO training emphasizes the importance of learning English, finding employment and becoming self-sufficient with an aim to help refugees see their role in a successful resettlement process. The training ensures that the refugees gain the knowledge and skills needed to acclimate successfully to life in the U.S. It also takes into account refugee sub-populations that have been noted to have integration challenges, such as individuals with special needs, unaccompanied refugee minors and at-risk youth.

As of July 2016, about


had received
Cultural Orientation
before leaving
for the U.S.