High-quality, ceramic water filters were distributed to more than 6,000 families affected by flooding in the Ayeyarwady region. Photo: Adam Royston / CWS

Our team in Myanmar focused on meeting acute and chronic water needs this year. In the remote southeast part of the country, we worked with communities to form water committees and improve gravity flow water systems. Now, women and children are safer because they no longer need to navigate steep, muddy paths to collect water and they have time for other activities. In all, more than 1,000 people now have routine access to clean water.

In the southwest Ayeyarwady River delta, a prolonged dry season depleted a pond that was a community’s daily water source. CWS helped residents pump water, with permission, from a nearby community’s well. During the worst two months of the drought, nearly 1,000 people had access to clean, safe water who otherwise would not.

Also in a combined recovery and long-term development initiative, CWS and partners joined community leaders to bring high-quality, ceramic water filters to more than 6,000 families affected by flooding in the Ayeyarwady region. These filters remove contaminants from flood-affected well water, keeping families safer and reducing disease.

Other programs across Myanmar addressed community-based disaster risk reduction as well as hygiene, nutrition and livelihoods. This includes a pilot program to expand poultry raising, an effective way for families to overcome hunger and poverty.

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