CWS works with village savings and loans groups to ensure proper recordkeeping. Photo: CWS

In Cambodia, CWS and our local partners reached over 7,300 families – tens of thousands of people – this year. Together, our team helped these families improve their food security, access to safe water, community banking and understanding of good sanitation and hygiene.

Part of improving food security included ensuring that farmers had the supplies and expertise to succeed in the face of changing weather conditions. Following basic awareness-raising, CWS provided chicks and vegetable seeds to families to jump-start momentum after they joined education and training sessions. Of those who participated in the training, 77 percent said that the duration of their annual food shortages decreased by at least half. The number of severely underweight children in these families dropped by six percent, a result families attributed anecdotally to having more nutritious food.

CWS also continued efforts to increase community self-reliance by training and supporting Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – known as WASH – educators. These educators, in turn, increased awareness in their communities about disease transmission, safe water storage, household waste management and sanitation and hygiene for disease prevention. In fact, 85 percent of CWS activity participants said that they now use soap and water for handwashing, which pairs with access to healthy food to reduce malnutrition.

CWS efforts in Cambodia
positively impacted


in 64 communities
this year.