Young children suffering from severe malnutrition receive treatment at a CWS-supported Therapeutic Feeding Center in West Timor, Indonesia. Photo: CWS

Among the challenges CWS helps families overcome in remote and impoverished southeast Indonesia are those of child hunger and malnutrition. In combining forces and resources with the local Ministry of Health, our Timor Zero Hunger team fought hard every day this year to address these issues and won more than 100 small battles!

In one Therapeutic Feeding Center, CWS-supported nurses treated 101 young children suffering from severe, acute malnutrition with high-energy milk and nutritious food supplements. Importantly, mothers were part of the process and, in time, each child’s health improved so they could go home. Now, with new knowledge about how better to feed her children nutritiously, each mother is a CWS partner in fighting for zero hunger.

To further fight hunger, CWS supports home gardening and chicken-raising for 262 families – more than 1,000 people. Families now have healthier and more diverse diets, including protein-rich eggs and chicken meat, plus vitamin A-rich fruits and vegetables. Additionally, our team helped more than 100 households increase access to an improved water source – a protected well or spring – and hygiene knowledge and practices. Many families have built better latrines and are encouraging their neighbors to do the same.

In addition to Timor Zero Hunger, the CWS Indonesia team and partners focus on disaster risk reduction in east central Indonesia and support hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers in Jakarta, including nearly 100 unaccompanied and separated children.

CWS efforts in Indonesia
positively impacted


in 22 rural communities
and one city this year.