A solar water heating system in Georgia. Photo: Maurice Bloem/CWS

Our team in Europe, in conjunction with local partners, aims to enable farmers, internally displaced persons, returned refugees, eco-migrants and other vulnerable groups to overcome poverty and build sustainable livelihoods. We accomplish this by providing training and resources for families and communities to utilize renewable energy resources and to develop cooperatives and social enterprises. Through the use of renewable energy, the program enables families to decrease traditional energy consumption, which had previously been costing an unusually large portion of their income. Our Renewable Energy Technologies program takes place in Moldova, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and enables communities to learn from similar communities in other nations.

This year in Bosnia and Herzegovina, CWS and a local partner equipped the nation’s first solar village, which is energy independent. We helped secure three kilowatt hours of electricity and 125 litres of water per day for each of the community’s 38 house-holds. In Moldova, another CWS partnership led to training and resources for communities and families to build 75 solar hot water collectors, 10 solar collectors for heating, 12 photovoltaic panels that produce electricity, a wind turbine, 15 composters, two biofilters for water treatment, a biogas plant, two dry toilets for kindergartens and six dry toilets for households.

This year, CWS helped equip the


in Bosnia and Herzegovina.