What should I be when I grow up? A Roma boy in a CWS-supported preschool class in Belgrade, Serbia. Photo: CWS

Europe’s Roma population faces steep challenges, including severe discrimination, a lack of education and employment opportunities and extreme poverty. In Serbia, two out of every three Roma children live in poverty, and only one in five will finish primary school. Our Roma Program provides rights-based, long-term support to Roma women and children who live in a number of informal settlements across Belgrade, Serbia’s capital.

CWS and local partners support educational opportunities for children who are at risk of becoming street children, including preschool and after-school programs. We are helping to ensure that these students possess the fundamental language, literacy and math skills to prepare them for later education.

Through literacy classes and vocational training, CWS and local partners are helping Roma women to become more educated and better prepared to enter the labor force. Roma communities, and women in particular, are discriminated against at many levels, and this program protects the dignity of Roma women.

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