Cooperative members in Lamontay Nan Jil, Haiti, have access to the bakery, where they bake bread for consumption and sale. Photo: Alex Morse / Foods Resource Bank. Photo: Alex Morse / Foods Resource Bank

Our Latin America and Caribbean team’s largest programs are in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In Haiti, CWS is helping to rebuild homes for families who settled in spontaneous camps after the 2010 earthquake. Thirty houses were built this year, bringing the total so far up to 222. To ensure that families have adequate water access, we also helped construct four community cisterns and form two new water committees. As most of these families are farmers, we accompany them with seeds and planting training as well as animal breeding.

Additionally, in the country’s Northwest department – which is the nation’s most food insecure district – CWS and partners support community cooperatives and associations. We have helped build the last two of 12 cooperative offices and accompanied two cooperatives to start a community story, two cooperatives to participate in training about children’s rights, six through financial management training and all in peer learning opportunities. Members have access to microcredit and learn the importance of vegetable production and consumption. As a response to prolonged drought resulting in farmers losing up to 80 percent of crops, we helped provide seeds. CWS also supports advocacy efforts to end child domestic servitude while providing direct support to a school offering accelerated education for this group of children.

In the Dominican Republic, CWS supports training and organizing efforts among Haitian migrants and Dominicans of Haitian descent in rural communities to advance their rights. Men and women engage in dialogue and negotiation with local authorities to help address issues, including preschool education, vocational skills, road repair, food security, health, crime prevention, land tenure and housing and water. CWS also advocates for those facing statelessness and for harmonious relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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