A refugee student in a class at StARS. Photo: Paul Jeffrey

CWS partners with St. Andrew’s Refugee Services to assist refugees and asylum seekers in Cairo, increasing their ability to meet basic needs through education, legal services and psychosocial support. Refugee students and clients come from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Syria. Even in the face of declining international funding for refugees in Egypt, our support has enabled St. Andrews to hire more staff, develop new programs and increase services to students and clients.

The Children’s Education Program provides primary and secondary education in Cairo for more than 300 refugee children. The Adult Education Program offers a variety of classes, including English, sewing, computer skills and teacher training that will increase the livelihood opportunities of students. Over 1,500 students participated, meeting not only local needs, but working to achieve the global goal set by humanitarian agencies across the world of increasing educational access for refugee children.

The Psychosocial Program assisted over 2,200 refugees and asylum seekers on issues of mental health, medical needs, financial assistance and housing. Additionally, around 1,900 children and adults participated in a range of group support activities.

Lastly, the Refugee Legal Aid Program employs lawyers to assist refugees and asylum seekers with a range of legal and protection needs. Services provided include support in gaining refugee status, assistance in the resettlement process for eligible refugees and workshops in which refugees learn about the legal context for refugees in Egypt. RLAP assisted more than 5,000 clients this year.

Our Egypt Refugee Program helped more than


and asylum seekers this year,
an increase of about
50 percent over last year.