Walkers in the 2015 Boulder CROP Hunger Walk in Boulder, CO. Photo: Evaristo Ramirez

The CROP Hunger Walk is a movement to raise funds to address one of the greatest injustices facing our world: hunger. For nearly half a century, these community-wide events have celebrated the enduring commitment of fundraisers and volunteers to build a legacy of ending hunger in the United States and around the globe. In fact, 3 million CROP Hunger Walkers have participated in over 37,000 CROP Hunger Walks and raised more than $277 million in the past 20 years.

Annually, volunteers in hundreds of cities throughout the country host a CROP Hunger Walk and activate tens of thousands of individuals from communities of faith, schools, businesses, etc. These walkers donate and engage their peers to sponsor vital programs which ensure that more people worldwide have access to nutritious, permanent food sources. This year, participants ranged from newborn to 100 years old, demonstrating the multi-generational nature of the events.

The CROP Hunger Walk is unique in its expansive impact on both local and global hunger. Participants partner with people in their own communities and worldwide to open up new doors of opportunity. This year, 120,761 people joined 1,006 CROP Hunger Walks nationwide. This year’s participants were able to raise $10,026,610, nearly a quarter of which supported 1,918 food banks, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and more.

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