A sample CWS Hygiene Kit and CWS Emergency Cleanup Bucket on display at a community disaster preparedness workshop in Texas. Photo: CWS

CWS was formed in response to an emergency, and disaster mitigation, preparedness and response continue to be an important part of our work. Last year we responded to emergencies both in the United States and abroad by providing material supplies, expertise and financial support.

In Serbia, CWS and partners provided vital supplies to displaced families who were moving through Serbia and into other parts of Europe. These supplies included blankets, baby carriers, winter clothing and food. CWS and partners have responded to the influx of Burundian refugees in Tanzania by providing access to clean water, latrines, youth activities, livelihoods and psychosocial counseling.

Following the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan in April, CWS and partners helped provide immediate assistance and support to temporary shelters set up for people whose homes had been destroyed. As Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady River delta faced the worst flooding since 2012, CWS worked with 70,000 people in 60 communities to mitigate the effects and combat waterborne illnesses.

In the United States, we continue to respond to requests for supplies from communities affected by disaster. This year, we distributed 38,514 CWS Hygiene Kits, 25,795 School Kits, 6,658 Emergency Cleanup Buckets, 5,184 Blankets and 2,245 Baby Kits in the United States to a total of 22 states.

CWS distributed a total of


this year.